The Pincher Creek Voice- MLA Pat Stier responds to the Calgary Sun


An article was written in the Calgary Sun regarding the Fort Macleod Police College, by Lorne Gunter. This article claims that the police college cancellation was a good move by the Redford government, a fiscally responsible decision. This is completely false as the good residents of Fort Macleod know, which is why I wrote this letter and sent it to the Sun as well as all of our local papers. Please take a read. 

MLA Pat Stier's response to Calgary Sun article regarding Fort Macleod Training facility

MLA Pat Stier, Letter to the Editor/Guest Column
RE:  Lorne Gunter's Wildrose can’t have it both ways

Columnist Lorne Gunter raised issue with the strong Wildrose support for the Alberta Public Security and Law Enforcement Training Centre in my constituency of Livingstone – Macleod in the Sun on September 14.

In my view, the police training college would certainly not be wasteful spending, as suggested.   Amalgamating training services into a single location is the most cost-effective way to ensure our men and women in uniform get the training they need to do their jobs.  For over 10 years, the PC government supported, promoted and poured countless hours into the project.   Five solicitor generals have supported the project, as well as many municipal enforcement agencies around the province, which recognized the cost savings of the single training center concept.  Instead, the PCs will now be required to build several training centres across the province at costs far exceeding those in Fort Macleod.

It was only a year ago PC ministers and MLAs gathered in Fort Macleod to break the ground for this project. Just two months ago, newly appointed Solicitor General Jonathon Denis gave the project the green light.  The Town of Fort Macleod is in mid construction of the service lines to the centre, while a $9.2 million sewer treatment facility, designed to support the project, has already been completed.

Now the PC government has thrown out the baby with the bathwater.  As our Wildrose Caucus has repeatedly stated both during and after the election, we can understand the need to delay some important infrastructure projects such as this one until the Province’s deficit is eliminated, but to permanently pull the rug from under the feet of the people of Fort Macleod and this province is unacceptable. The Government of Alberta owes it to Albertans to reconsider this rash and arbitrary decision.

Pat Stier - MLA

Livingstone - Macleod