TIMELINE: Alberta Public Security and Law Enforcement Training college in Fort Macleod

Regarding the Alberta Public Security and Law Enforcement Training College in Fort Macleod.

Fort Macleod Training Facility Timeline

1999a policing summit in Calgary recommends a single site training facility for enforcement officers

2000 – MLA sub-committee was created to review policing and feasibility of a single site facility

2002 - committee report completed and suggests moving forward with single site facility to eliminate duplication and redundancies

2004 – Solicitor General states that a single site centre of excellence is a key part of the policing strategy and that they were developing plans and bringing stake holders together

May 2005 – Solicitor General Harvey Cenaiko put out an expression of interest for communities to bid on hosting the training centre and initial design and planning is completed and specifications and requirements for the centre are put forward to submitting communities

Aug 2006 – after a legally defensible selection process the province announced in the legislature that Fort Macleod had been chosen as host site for the new police training center, the accompanying press release states that construction would begin in the spring of 2007

2007 – stakeholders and policing representatives continue meeting to discuss curriculum and options for the centre

2009 - an AUMA communique suggests that we were 1000 police officers short in this province of just meeting the national per capita average of police/residents.

2010 – after many delays the town works with Commonwealth to develop a P3 option for funding the training centre, it is presented to the Solicitor General in November

Feb  2011Premier Ed Stelmach flew into Fort Macleod and announced to a crowd of app. 200 that the Training Centre would be completed and it had been budgeted for, indeed the budget was approved for 17 million in 2011,  50 million in 2012 and 49 million dedicated from the 2013 budget. An additional five million had already been allocated from planning funds dedicated through the Solicitor General’s office

June 2011 - Elevate Consulting was hired by the province to interview all stakeholders regarding the project, including police and enforcement agencies across the province.

Sept 14, 2011 - Over 40 stakeholders representing 24 stakeholder groups, including K Division of the RCMP, the Calgary police chief and Edmonton police commission were brought together in Red Deer for a day long planning session to determine the governance model and training regimes for the centre, the summary document was completed and distributed to stakeholders on Oct 11, 2011.

Sept 2011 – Target schedule is put forward for construction and an request for proposals is put out to major contractors capable of building the centre

Jan 25, 2012 – Solicitor Jonathon Denis calls from PEI to say that the government had just decided to move forward with the project.

Feb 2012 – Contracts to provide services to the site as well as the transfer of 320 acres of municipal land were signed by the town and province. The town of Fort Macleod commits app. 3.87 million dollars to providing the services to the site along with a commitment from the province for app. 3.2 million dollars to facilitate that infrastructure.

Mar 2012 - Three contractors who had been short listed in Nov. 2011 were contacted to provide design build proposals for the training centre which were to be submitted in May 2012.

May 2012 - The town of Fort Macleod tenders construction of water and sewer services, Mackay Contracting of Cranbrook, B.C. is the lowest bidder and awaits infrastructures go ahead

July 3 ,2012 - The provincial government announces and put out a press release stating that Bird Design build Construction had been awarded the contract for construction.

July 4, 2012 - The Town of Fort Macleod was contacted in writing by Alberta Infrastructure with a communique stating that ‘further to yesterday's announcement that the APSLETC project is proceeding please accept this note as Alberta Infrastructure's authority to proceed and award the contract for the offsite water and sewer work.’ The contract between the town and province states that services must be installed by Dec. 2012.

Aug 29, 2012 – Alison Redford and Progressive Conservative Provincial Government puts out a press release and announces that the project has been cancelled, suggesting it is no longer needed.