Press Release from MLA Pat Stier regarding Alberta Public Security and Law Enforcement Training Centre in Fort Macleod Cancellation

 The southern Alberta town of Fort Macleod is now paying the price for the PC government’s ongoing fiscal incompetence and mismanagement after the abrupt cancellation of the Alberta Public Security and Law Enforcement Training Centre, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today. 

Citing budget concerns, the government pulled the plug on the facility today despite having spent millions in planning and preparation, breaking ground on it more than a year ago and hiring a construction company to build it last month. 

 "I am extremely appalled, surprised and completely enraged by this decision. It is outrageous that this late in the stage of the construction process that the PCs are pulling the rug on this project. It makes no sense after they have been boasting about this project for five years, with PC college funds announced last month and now they are cutting the project. This is the more of the same old PC government, failing to prioritize their resources and now because of their sloppy mismanagement a training centre promised to the residents of southern Alberta is being cut. We’re beginning to see more of a pattern here where the PCs are beginning to realize what a deep fiscal hole they are in as a result of their out of control spending habits on things like corporate welfare, AHS expense allowances and patronage postings for PC insiders. This government cannot be trusted to keep their promises and now seem to be targeting opposition ridings directly for savings." - Livingstone Macleod MLA Pat Stier.

Ralph Klein’s government announced the funding for the project six years ago but the recession put it on the back burner. In the summer of 2011, outgoing Premier Ed Stelmach announced the project would go ahead and a sod-turning event with government ministers took place.

During last year’s Progressive Conservative leadership race however, now-Premier Alison Redford said the government had rushed a number of major capital projects, including the police college.

The cancellation will be a significant blow to Fort Macleod, a community of around 3,000 people originally founded as a North West Mounted Police barracks.

“This is devastating news for Fort Macleod and the entire region,” MLA Pat Stier said. “This government led us down a path, made us believe this facility was coming, told us how important it was, even announced a construction company and design firm, and just like that it’s all gone. I’m appalled and extremely disappointed.” 

For more information please read the following Wildrose press release