Press Release Regarding Constituency Issues


Press Release Regarding: Pat Stier

Member of the Legislative Assembly for the Livingstone Macleod Constituency


On Tuesday, June 19, Mr.Stier toured the area between Pincher Creek and Twin Butte to view the proposed area for several new major power lines that are being planned by Altalink. The tour was conducted by the Chinook Area Land Users Association (CALUA). This was followed up by a meeting at the Twin Butte Hall attended by approximately120 area residents and 3 Members of the Legislative Assembly, Pat Stier, Gary Bikman and Joe Anglin. Mr. Anglin gave a presentation regarding the overbuilding of power lines in Alberta which was well-received by the meeting attendees. The purpose of the meeting was to inform residents of the events so far regarding the Goose Lake to Etzicom Coulee Transmission Project. The aforementioned MLA’s are offering assistance in providing detailed information regarding Bill 50 and the power line issues in Alberta. Mr. Stier said, “We will be assisting constituents where possible in reaching a satisfactory conclusion regarding this issue.”

On Thursday June 21, Mr.Stier visited with both the Spray Lakes Saw Mill representative as well as the concerned residents who have formed the Castle Crown Wilderness Coalition.  Spray Lakes representatives discussed the logging and project details; specifically, the thorough and intensive preparation studies that have been completed on the project and the approval process that led to the permit for  logging that area and the merits of good forestry practices.

While speaking with the Castle Crown Wilderness Coalition representatives, Mr.Stier was informed that they had conducted a survey regarding the logging in the area and the effect it would have on residents. The majority of residents surveyed, felt the logging would have an adverse effect on economic development  plus the tourism and travel industry. They also put forward that there was no legitimate scientific, economic or social reason for it to proceed and that the area should be designated a protected area.

Mr. Stier found both meetings very informative and sincerely hoped that there is some way that the increased awareness of the issue will assist in helping both groups come to a satisfactory agreement.

Mr. Stier also stopped to speak with the York Creek Lodge Board regarding the seniors lodge and housing in Crowsnest Pass. The board presented capital project data, including drawings and an overall plan for a proposed $32 million expansion and upgrade of the current lodge. The board is looking for approval and funding from the province. Mr. Stier said, “I’m happy to give my assistance in any way possible.”

On Friday, June 22, Mr. Stier attended the Crowsnest Community Support For Adults with Disabilities Family BBQ, which provides support to adults with developmental disabilities programs. The BBQ was held at the Legion in Coleman where Mr. Stier had the privilege of meeting a few of the participants in the program as well as counselors and organizers. “We discussed the wonderful program for assisted living that they have there,” said Mr. Stier.

Following the BBQ, Mr. Stier attended a meeting with the Board of Trustees for the Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Separate Regional Division in Lethbridge, regarding the modernization projects for a few of the schools in the division including Pincher Creek, as well as the overall strategies for the future in regards to the board and the division.