Constituency Concerns Regarding Flooding


MLA – Pat Stier
Members Statement to the Legislative Assembly – Floods
Date – May 30, 2012

The floods in 2005 devastated many Alberta families and communities throughout Alberta and especially in the southwest region near my riding of Livingstone-Macleod.

Communities banded together during those tough times and showed the great Alberta spirit of compassion, resilience and hard work that many across Canada and the world have come to know this great province for.  Shortly after these floods the, “Alberta Flood Management Committee,” was asked to produce a report on flood prevention.

The report was titled the “Alberta Flood Mitigation Report,” and began shortly after the 2005 floods had taken place, but unfortunately was put on hold when the Premier at the time announced he would be stepping down.  The report was all but finalized except for financial details, which were reported to be based upon federal assistance programs. 

Sadly, the report was mothballed before the federal government ever had a chance to see the figures, as Alberta communities continued to be left in the dark. The following premier had seen the report but failed to release it to the public, despite the protests of the former MLA for Highwood who chaired the committee.

I have to agree with the former Premier when he said, “There were a number of good recommendations in the report that we have to implement and if we don’t we will see this recurring in the province.”

But now, it’s clear that the government isn’t prepared to follow through on the report and doesn’t want to be tied down to make the necessary improvements for these communities and that isn’t good enough.

Mr. Speaker, as we are now approaching the same season where 64 communities in Alberta are vulnerable to flood risk. I would like to ask that this government release this study to the public and make efforts to  immediately implement all recommendations made, to give Albertans the comforts of knowing that this government is prepared to respond if tragedy ever again strikes.