Nanton News: MLA Stier supports Nanton Quality of Life Foundation

The Nanton Quality of Life Foundation (NQLF) has recently applied for a grant from the provincial government  
to assist in starting an elder abuse response system in the community of Nanton. 

“We want to ensure that we have coordinated efforts between our community partners,” said Nicole Van Langen, the NQLF’s executive director, during an interview with the News last week. 

The community partners are simply agencies, groups or organizations that 
support seniors in some capacity, such as the Mosquito Creek Seniors Lodge, she 

“The response from these community partners has been fantastic and so has the support from the Town,” said Van Langen, who made a presentation to Town council 
during a recent meeting. 

A letter from Pat Stier, MLA for Livingstone-Macleod) in support of the application is great to have, she said.

“What tends to happen in social services and other places as well is that they work in their mandated area and do a great job at that; however, other needs aren’t being met,” said Van 
Langen. “Our goal is to ensure all needs are met including financial, housing, criminal justice system support and more — we are looking for wrap-around support when it comes to incidents of elder abuse.” 

The deadline for the grant application was Nov. 30, and Van Langen said the Nanton Quality of Life Foundation will not know whether the grant application has been successful until possibly early in the new year. 

“We definitely have 
circumstances in the community where seniors are at risk,” said Van Langen. “In the past when dealing with it we have not seen a very coordinated response — we want to remove the silos, which is to say working alone in the field of support.”