Lethbridge Herald: Wildrose unhappy with Castle deal

Wildrose unhappy with Castle deal


Lethbridge Herald

Pat Stier, the Wildrose Livingstone-Macleod MLA, on Tuesday continued his opposition party’s attack on the NDP government’s decision last week to create two provincial parks in the Castle area.

In comments from a party release, Stier said the NDP continue to ignore the impact their ideological policies are having on jobs and the economy after unilaterally cancelling projects in the Castle area.

The announcement made last week involved zero consultation with municipal officials or industry, and will directly lead to local job losses and level another blow to the local economy, he said.

“There is more we can do to protect our environment, but this heavy-handed approach has ripped jobs out of our area with little to no thought done by the NDP government,” Stier said. 

“Albertans here, like across the province, want stability and certainty. They cannot just survive off of seasonal tourism. Several businesses and families made plans based on current contracts, and now they are worried about their future.”

Stier said before the government made a surprise announcement before a long weekend, they should have spent more time opening up the decision making process to include the public, businesses, land owners and local officials.

“No one cares more about the stewardship and preservation of our land, water and air than the people who live in this community,” Stier said. 

“This was a knee-jerk reaction, and is just the latest example of the NDP not fully understanding the consequences of their ideological decision making on jobs and the economy.”