High River Online-Stier and Wildrose Caucus Meet

The Wildrose caucus members met Monday for the first time since last Tuesday's election.

Livingstone-MacLeod MLA Pat Stier says it was great to get everyone together in one place.

"We had a great round of discussions on generally how we're going to move forward, there's some fabulous new MLAs, there was a wonderful bunch of people with great background and a lot of different skills and experience," Stier says.

Leader Brian Jean announced the first appointments to the shadow cabinet, including Stier, who will be keeping track of the Municipal Affairs Minister's department.

He says his experience on council and committees of the Foothills MD and as a businessman should help him there.

"I'll be taking those experiences and a lot of other experiences to that portfolio," he says. "I'll be watching what this government's going to do in respect to municipal funding and disaster relief programs, the good ol' DRP, and also flood mitigation, those are all important issues to do with municipal affairs."

Stier says there are always pressing issues with municipalities across the province including the City of Calgary and funding there for LRT and transportation and the ring road and flood mitigation in the city as well.

He says the party still has a lot of the same staff they had before when they were able to provide a good opposition to the government and that helps when returning to the Legislature.

There's no yet on when the next sitting will start.


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