Livingstone-Macleod MLA gearing up for vote

A provincial election hasn’t been called yet, but one foothills MLA is gearing up to hit the campaign trail.

“We’ve already got our signs on the go, we got our brochures on the go,” said Livingstone-Macleod MLA Pat Stier. “We’re probably hitting the street here in about 10 days with door knocking.”

Stier said he expects the Province’s fiscal situation and how the Progressive Conservative party deals with it will be one of the biggest issues on the campaign trail. He said the Province needs to balance the budget without negatively affecting key public services.

“I think the biggest thing is to ensure the fiscal situation is remedied by the provincial government and doesn’t give us a huge shortfall in programs and services that they provide to our seniors, and to our basic community needs, whether it’s FCSS programs, libraries or so forth,” he said.

While the Province needs to fix its finances, Stier said there are still a number of major projects and issues that need to be dealt with. Within his riding, he said the Province has to move ahead with a diversion for the Highwood River to protect High River, as well as flood protection projects within the MD west of the town and in the Millarville area.

Stier was acclaimed as the Wildrose Party’s candidate in the next provincial election in June 2014. The first-term MLA won the 2012 election in the riding with 48 per cent of the vote, defeating PC candidate Evan Berger who received 41.5 per cent of the vote.

Despite the loss of 11 former Wildrose MLAs to the PCs last year, he said Wildrose members remain committed and they don’t expect to see Albertans also lending their support to the PCs en-mass.

“A lot of people worry about the Wildrose or make statements about the Wildrose, ‘what can they do now?’” he said. “Actually, we just lost a few front line members, including (Highwood MLA Danielle Smith) we’re still the same official opposition. We’re still strong.

“We were supported by 440,000 voters in the last election and we still have all kinds of members.”

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