Stier Says He Feels Angry & Betrayed

One of the few Wildroser's not to cross the floor to the PC's Wednesday was Livingstone-MacLeod M.L.A Pat Stier.

He's one of five members who will stick with the Wildrose and just like the rest of us he was in shock and awe over Wednesday's mass defection of his former colleagues.

"I think that that would be the lightest amount of terms that I could come up with. I'm more than that. I'm so disappointed and so hurt by this betrayal I just can't put it into words."

Shier says he first caught wind of the plan over this past weekend.

"On Saturday frankly, I was called into a special meeting. There was a few of my colleagues there and they handed me a sheet of three pages of what they had hoped to be a merger deal and they described the pro's and con's to me and I sort of said, well I suppose I can see what you guys are trying to do but I'm going to need more information. Later on we had  a subsequent meeting in Edmonton on Tuesday where the whole thing was laid out in detail."

He says while he listened to his fellow caucus members he never saw himself going over to the PC's.

He says there's a right way and a wrong way to cross over and they did it the wrong way.

He says he would have rather seen the members face the electorate under the banner of whatever party they chose instead.

In the meantime, the Highwood Wildrose Riding Association is holding their Annual General Meeting Thursday night in High River.

It goes at 7 o'clock at the Highwood Distillery on 1st Street East, and Stier says the public is welcome to attend.

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Stier says he feels angry and betrayed