Province Backs Off on EMS Centralization

Pat-Stier mike

The Province is re-thinking their policy on central dispatch for EMS services in Alberta.

At least for the cities of Red Deer, Lethbridge and Fort McMurray who want to keep the dispatch systems they already have.

That doesn't mean a change to regional EMS in the Foothills though.

Livingstone-MacLeod MLA Pat Stier says the Wildrose would change that.

"Our stance has always been returning local control to local municipalities. So that they who have their great emergency personnel already in place can give the best service to their communities."

Foothills residents have complained bitterly since the changes were first made of longer wait times for ambulances, that sometimes got misdirected by dispatchers in Calgary unfamiliar with rural areas.

Health Minister Fred Horne says they'll look at changes to improve the system. 

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