Letter from the MLA regarding the Flood

The Editor:

On June 20 Alberta was forever changed by the floodwaters that ravaged our communities.

Out of pure coincidence, I was attending a meeting of the Oldman Watershed Council in Lethbridge when news of the flooding reached me.

I headed immediately to our constituency office in Nanton, where I spoke with the Canadian Bureau of Insurance. They have provided us with a contact number for those of you now dealing with damages to your homes. Call the Centre for Consumers at 1-800-377-6378 and they can help you locate your insurance provider, discuss damage coverage and any other questions you may have.

Black Diamond was my next priority where I spoke with Mayor Sharlene Brown and a few of the councillors as I had heard of severe damage there. I also stopped at the evacuation centre at the Oilfields arena to speak with a few of the evacuees, once I toured the affected areas.

Then I was told they needed volunteers at the MD of Foothills emergency operation centre after their first operation centre in High River was flooded.

Our new centre was located at Heritage Pointe where I stayed and volunteered until almost 1 a.m.

I stopped by the evacuation centre in Nanton several times to speak with the evacuees and organizers.

This area has responded with amazing compassion and dedication to the evacuated residents of High River, opening their homes and hearts.

I give the greatest thanks and admiration to the wonderful community of Nanton and their Mayor John Blake, who has surpassed all expectations and continue to assist and shelter the evacuees from the still evacuated community of High River. Proceeding to the Turner

Valley area, I contacted Mayor Kelly Tuck by phone and offered any assistance I could. I attempted to see the town but was turned back due to the flooding at Three Point Creek. I have continued to visit all damaged sites in Aldersyde, Millarville, Okotoks, and have spoken with town and rural officials regarding all recovery plans and the effects on the communities.

Regarding southern areas of the riding, I met with Mayor Shawn Patience of Fort Macleod and Mayor Bruce Decoux of the Crowsnest Pass, discussing both the effects of the flooding and what can be done for the communities.

I remain in contact with Fort Macleod, Pincher Creek, Willow Creek and Crowsnest councils to keep current regarding the latest updates and changes.

Through all of this, I have seen the spirit and perseverance of Albertans and the first responders has been nothing short of phenomenal.

The organization, determination and compassion shown by so many are an inspiration to all. Thank you for everything you have done for our communities and our province.


Pat Stier, MLA