Legislature Timeline


Legislature Timeline (Nov.7-Nov.29)

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Hey folks!

Just thought I would include an abreviated version of some of the issues the Wildrose and I have been working on for Albertan's in the past month. Thanks for checking in!

November 29

Bill 4 Whistleblower Protection has passed without a single of the over 27 amendments put forward by all opposition parties

Government votes down NDP amendments asking that the Public Interest Disclosure Act allow  for report to be made public

In the house debating Bill 4 Whistleblower legislation - first Wildrose Party amendment not to exempt anyone from act voted down by government

Talking about Bill 7 the Elections Amendment Act making great points about how this government needs to have full disclosure and ensure all illegal donations are made public.

November 24

Great day at Wildrose Annual General Meeting -we're united, we're in surplus, we're ahead of the PCs & we're gaining the credibility/experience we need for 2016!!!

November 23

Question Period: Imposed Contract on Physicians http://youtu.be/NJhs8DxkZm8 

November 21

Back in the legislature on Bill 8 - transmission lines. Long night but Wildrose are prepared to stand up for Albertans!

PCs block Wildrose efforts to protect landowners and promote industry growth http://wildro.se/12z 

Keeping Wildrose MLAs in house voting down 10 amendments. Wildrose works with government to pass 4 bills at 5 am

4:45 am - still in house talking about Bill 2 Responsible Energy Development Act.

4:00 am; govt still refuses to accept even 1 of 20 opposition amendments to protect landowners in Bill 2

PC government wants to ram through Bill 2 with no consideration of Landowners - this is a badly written bill and the amendments that have been provided were more than reasonable. While no one expects us to have all of them approved there certainly is room for consideration on the opposition amendments. MLA Strathmore Brooks Jason Hale worked very hard in ensuring public input from landowners, industry and other stakeholders. PC government shows that Albertan's do not come first.

November 20-

The Wildrose files official complaint of illegal donations to PC party.

November 19

About to speak to the Education Act Bill 3 in the house for third reading.

Great day in legislature today - spending the evening debating Bill 2 to ensure there is a win win for both Landowners an Industry

November 15-

Danielle Smith talks about importance of seniors getting right care/right place- too costly to keep them in Acute care beds waiting

November 7

 Question Period: Kerry Towle speaking regarding Driving Competance Test http://youtu.be/r1DA3dfVSGA