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1 Brunch with MLA Pat Stier- Pincher Creek Voice
2 Crowsnest Pass Herald- MLA Stier holds meeting with council
3 Nanton News: MLA Stier supports Nanton Quality of Life Foundation
4 Nanton News: Stier & Everett weigh in on provincial budget
5 Lethbridge Herald: Wildrose unhappy with Castle deal
6 Nanton News: Leader of the Opposition Brian Jean toured Nanton last month
7 Castle area logging halted by Alberta government
8 The Calgary Herald: Opposition parties weigh in on NDP's plan to protect the Castle wilderness
9 Pat Stier at Committee of the Whole
10 Nanton News: Town receiving funds from feds for new plant
11 High River Times: George Lane receives prestigious western honour
12 Fort Macleod Gazette: Livingstone-Macleod MLA Pat Stier pushes for answer on MSI funding
13 Fort Macleod Gazette: MLA Pat Stier pushes for answers on MSI funding
14 CBC News: Wildrose shadow cabinet to keep eye on property rights, red tape
15 Fort Macleod Gazette: Livingstone-Macleod MLA Pat Stier to shadow municipal affairs
16 High River Online-Stier and Wildrose Caucus Meet
17 The nanton News: Stier wins seat in Livingstone-Macleod
18 Wildrose MLA Pat Stier re-elected in Livingstone-Macleod, majority government for NDP
19 Livingstone-Macleod: Wildrose incumbent hangs on
20 The Okotoks Western Wheel: Stier re-elected in Livingstone-Macleod
22 Fort Macleod Gazette: Wildrose blooms in Livingstone-Macleod on election night
23 The Calgary Sun- Alberta Election 2015 Livingstone-Macleod: The candidates, the issues
24 The Role Of Effective Opposition
25 MLA Stier visits with Pincher Creek town council before spring session -Pincher Creek Echo
26 Wildrose Sets Date For New Leader
27 Lethbridge Herald- Surplus...really
28 MLA Pat Stier preparing for next election
29 Livingstone-Macleod MLA gearing up for vote
30 Residents Critical During AltaLink Sessions - Pincher Creek Echo
31 MLA Pat Stier busy with new roles with Wildrose Opposition
32 Review of infrastructure assets should include selling off MLA offices: Wildrose
33 Politics - A Noble Service
34 Wildrose MLA Pat Stier looks to reassure constituents after this week's defection
35 Stier Says He Feels Angry & Betrayed
36 MLA Pat Stier's Decision
37 The Pincher Creek Voice: MLA Pat stier is Wildrose all the way
38 Wildrose Party MLA defection shocked Livingstone-Macleod MLA Pat Stier
39 Pat Stier, Livingstone-Macleod MLA, in Pincher Creek for town hall and local Wildrose AGM
40 Wildrose Livingstone Macleod Constituency Association holds AGM in Pincher Creek - Pincher Creek Voice
41 Report Slams Redford's Travel Expenses - Okotoks Western Wheel
42 WWI statue unveiled in Longview - High River Times
43 Wild Rose Country Should Stay - Gateway Gazette
44 A Colourful Opening for the 2014 Alberta Summer Games
45 Local MLA part of provincial pension review
46 Local MLA hosts reverse town hall meeting
47 MLA Pat Stier hosts a reverse Town Hall in Pincher Creek -Pincher Creek Voice
48 100th Anniversary of the Turner Valley Gas Plant
49 Wildrose MLA Forum in Fort Macleod
50 Highway 63 motion passes unanimously -Fort McMurray Today
51 Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon
52 Opposition Leader visits high school - Claresholm Local Press
53 Wildrose Party Eager to Rule - Okotoks Western Wheel
54 Province Backs Off on EMS Centralization
55 Local MLA visits Stavely Town Council
56 The Pincher Creek Voice Christmas Greetings
57 Local Government Guest Speaker Series
58 Take part in the SSRP discussions
59 Wildrose Worried About Ambulance Response Time
60 Notice of Annual General Meeting
61 Ambulance Crisis
62 2013 Pincher Creek Awards of Excellence
63 Rural Ambulance System in Crisis
64 Livingstone-Macleod MLA hears council's concerns
65 Fort Museum features exciting Musical Ride
66 Livingstone-Macleod MLA reviews flood notification
67 Fort Macleod urged to 'Support the Fort'
68 Letter from the MLA regarding the Flood
69 Gateway Gazette - Seniors Forced Apart by AHS Rules
70 Pincher Creek Voice - Chat with MLA Pat Stier
71 Pincher Creek Voice- Letter to the Editor- Back in Debt
72 Claresholm Local Press- Local MLA to press government on budget, land use
73 Pincher Creek Legion celebrates new elevator with official ribbon-cutting MLA Pat Stier cuts ceremonial ribbon as other dignitaries look on C. Davis photos Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice
74 Pincher Creek Voice - Coffee Break with MLA Pat Stier
75 Legislature Timeline
76 Nanton News- Mortgaging Our Children's Future
77 Mortgaging Our Children's Futures
78 Wagging the Dog: PCs decide on hefty raise as first order of business
79 Gateway Gazette - Kicking into high gear for the Fall Legislative Session
80 The Pincher Creek Voice - Chamber of Commerce awards excellence
81 Gateway Gazette -Foothills Foundation’s New Affordable Housing
82 Gateway Gazette - Supporting Alberta Beef
83 MLA Pat Stier congratulates Alberta SouthWest for Award Wins
84 Lethbridge Herald - Fort Macleod Mayor to plead case with AUMA
85 Gateway Gazette - A Beautiful day and a Beautiful Dedication
86 Calgary Sun - Editorial- Time to clean up the Act
87 Fort Macleod Gazette - Wildrose Party will fight for Fort Macleod
88 Calgary Sun- Letter to the Editor from MLA Pat Stier
89 The Pincher Creek Voice- MLA Pat Stier responds to the Calgary Sun
90 Gateway Gazette - Danielle Smith and Pat Stier Hear Concerns on Fort Macleod Police College Cancellation
91 TIMELINE: Alberta Public Security and Law Enforcement Training college in Fort Macleod
92 The Prairie Post- Wildrose calls on Alta. Government to reverse decision on Fort Macleod Police facility cancellation
93 Fort Macleod Gazette - MLA Stier Vows Party Will Fight for Macleod
94 Lethbridge Herald - Millions Wasted, Interview with MLA Pat Stier regarding Fort Macleod Facility Cancellation
95 Shootin' The Breeze - MLA Pat Stier regarding Action Plan to Support Fort Macleod Police Training Facility
96 Pincher Creek Voice - MLA Pat Stier States Action Plan to Support Fort Macleod Police Training Facility
97 Action Plan To Support The Fort Macleod Police Training Centre
98 Huffington Post- Fort Macleod Voted Wildrose MLA Pat Stier, Police Training Facility Thrown Under the Bus
99 Globe and Mail - Fort Macleod Considers Suing After Province Pulls Plug on Police College
100 High River Online - MLA Pat Stier Speaks Against Province Cancelling Police Training Facility in Fort Macleod
101 Fort Macleod Gazette- MLA Pat Stier speaks regarding Police Training Facility Closure in Fort Macleod
102 Lethbridge Herald- Fort Macleod Police Training Facility
103 Okotoks Western Wheel- Town Welcomes Back Iconic Landmark
104 Calgary Herald- MLA Pat Stier discusses Fort Macleod Police Facility Cancelllation
105 Press Release from MLA Pat Stier regarding Alberta Public Security and Law Enforcement Training Centre in Fort Macleod Cancellation
106 Fort Macleod Gazette- Residents of Fort Macleod Punished for Voting Wildrose
107 Pincher Creek Voice - MLA Pat Stier Speaks Out Against Fort Macleod Police Training Facility Cancellation
108 Pincher Creek Voice- Conversation with MLA Pat Stier
109 Wildrose Website - LARP Property Rights Ignored
110 Edmonton Sun- Land use Framework
111 Pincher Creek Voice- Parade
112 Gateway Gazette - Special Constable Death
113 Claresholm Local Press - Seniors Meal Plans
114 Wildrose Website- Flood Mitigation Reports Released
115 Wildrose Website- Seniors Meal Plans
116 Nanton News -Fact Finding Tour
117 Gateway Gazette - MLA Pat Stier on Training Facility
118 Press Release: MLA Pat Stier Fact Finding Tour
119 Fort Macleod Gazette - Pat Stier at Gala Event for the Empress Theatre
120 Gateway Gazette - MLA Pat Stier on Health Care
121 Health Care, Private Care, EMS and Family Clinics
122 Alberta Public & Law Enforcement Training Centre
123 Lethbridge Herald - Training Centre
124 Press Release Regarding Constituency Issues
125 Elder Abuse
126 Lethbridge Herald - MLA Pat Stier on Seniors Abuse
127 Fort Macleod Gazette - Flooding
128 Gateway Gazette - Flood Report
129 Shootin' The Breeze - MLA Pat Stier on Flooding
130 Constituency Concerns Regarding Flooding
131 Crowsnest Pass Promoter - Adjusting to Life in Office
132 Nanton News - Pat Stier Looking for Constituency Office
133 Okotoks Online - MLA Pat Stier is Busy
134 Okotoks Western Wheel - Wildrose Unveils Shadow Cabinet
135 Lethbridge Herald - MLAs Agree, No Raise For Premier
136 Progressive Blog on Wildrose Opposition
137 Crowsnest Pass Herald - Pat Stier Elected as MLA
138 Fort Macleod Gazette - Livingstone Macleod Favours Wildrose Pat Stier
139 CBC Alberta Votes Results
140 Okotoks Western Wheel -Wildrose Uproots Ag Minister
141 Lethbridge Herald - Pat Stier - Election
142 Alberta Farmer Express
143 Wildrose in Recent Elections
144 Lethbridge Herald - Health Care
145 Pincher Creek Voice - Candidate Profile
146 Fort Macleod Gazette - The Homestretch for Alberta Elections
147 Crowsnest Pass Herald - MLA Hopefuls Discuss Issues
148 Pincher Creek Voice - Candidates Forum in Pincher Creek
149 Nanton News -Election Profile
150 Crowsnest Pass Promoter - Candidates Forum
151 Pincher Creek Voice - Out & About Pictures From Fundraiser
152 Calgary Sun - Pat Stier
153 Protect the Patch - Pat Stier
154 YouTube - Pat Stier and Danielle Smith Interview
155 Pincher Creek Voice - Wildrose Comes to Town
156 Crowsnest Pass Herald- Pat Stier Nominated
157 Okotoks Western Wheel - Two Nominees for Wildrose Candidate
158 Okotoks Western Wheel - Pat Stier
159 About Your Member of the Legislative Assembly